We Have The Internal Structure To Support Our Guests

In addition to the managers’ team effort to support our guests, we have worked hard over the years to establish procedures for:

  • Reservation Mistakes
  • Scheduling Conflicts
  • Unhappy Visitors

A very important support structure that we have in place is an alert system. There are many things that are out of our control, such as weather, traffic, unruly guests, delays, mechanical issues, etc. When an event occurs that might cause a guest to return unsatisfied our customer service is alerted by the managers.

Our customers really appreciate this because it allows them to work on a solution before the problem escalates.

This is the culture that we’ve developed with our guests and are very proud of.

Escalating Process for Issues Needing Executive Attention

When an issue can’t be resolved by customer service, we have developed a successful process for escalation.
Our managers are informed of the situation and are prepared to work on a satisfactory solution.

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